Life is like a box of chocolates.   You never know what you're gonna get!


Today's treat is a random selection of pages from the DECEMBER HEADDRESS CHALLENGE  hosted by Robyn.

The Headdress  12.19 +.jpg
by Marie-Christine
Headress challenge
by dollycathy
The Headdress Challenge 2.jpg
by Anntaurus
The Headress Challenge
by Ann.L
Magical Headdress
by ScrapaholicSherry
You've Been Steampunked - Headdress
by Grace
Headress challenge 2.jpg
by Lindsay
Headdress Challenge
by Barb
December Headdress 02
by DeLoris
Susan in Headdress
by twizzle
Headdress challenge - page 2
by Migueline
by zepper
itKuPiLLi en vrac- woman-Pixabay.jpg
by orkan
The Headdress Challenge 2
by doglvr49
Shine bright
by cinderella
The Headdress Challenge - True Colors
by Caro
The Headdress Challenge 2.jpg
by Rosie
The Headdress Challenge. 2
by Poppy
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