Our featured designer for April is Eileen from Happy Scrap Arts.

I am especially pleased to feature Eileen and her great designs as she is a regular forum member and always hosts a monthly challenge - usually a mask challenge - which all forum members enjoy!

Look in the forum HERE for the April Featured Designer Challenge.   Eileen has donated a cute little mini and a template for our members to work with.   THANK YOU Eileen.

CHECK OUT THE ABOVE SLIDESHOW for a small sample of what Eileen has in her digiscrap store.  Images are linked to the product.

STORE LINKS for Eileen are:  CU Digitals ..... Digiscrap nl ..... My Memories ..... Wilma4Ever ..... The Digital Scrapbook Shop ..... Digiscrapbooking.ch

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS are:  Blog ..... Facebook ..... Pinterest ..... Instagram ..... Twitter ..... Tumblr ..... Google+




Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Eileen, AKA Happy Scrap Arts

Where have you lived?

I was born in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. I lived there untill my 21th . Then I met my husband, in France. I've lived there since 1988.

Where do you live now?

I live in Buellas, a litte village near Bourg en Bresse, 70 km from Lyon. It's not that far from Geneva too (110 km). So we can go and see the mountains (Le Mont Blanc, the Alpes) whenever we want.

Who is in your family?

I have 2 children, a girl named Laetitia, 25 years old, and a boy Thomas, 22 years old.

Do you play any sport?

No I don't play any sport.

What is your favorite book?

I do not really have a favorite book, I do have some favorite writers. I love Robin Cook and Patricia Cornwell. I also love a french writer, Maxime Chattam.

I mostly read books in English now. Much easier to get on the internet.

Do you have any hobbies besides scrapbooking?

I love to draw and paint.

How did you start in digital scapbooking?

I started scrapping my photos when I was a little girl; my mother started to scrap my albums when I was born. I continue doing it, writing little stories with my photos and decorating pages with drawings, stickers etc.  I also started albums for my kids.  

After all those years I had so many albums I had no place left to store them anymore and find out about digital scrapbooking.  I started to make digital photo books, they take less place and you can put so much  more photos in there.  I prefer digital scrapbooking as it takes no place and less equipment.

How long have you been designing?

Since 2007

How much time per week do you devote to designing?

As it's a full time job for me I do it each day. I don't count the hours as I love doing it.

How did you come up with your design name and logo?

My son helped me finding it. I had a hard time finding a name, and asked him, he was about 12 years old, and he came up with happy scrap arts. I had another logo first, but some years later, when I started to sell in more stores, I changed it. I needed a little logo, easy to use on previews and easily recognisable.

What are your favorite design tools and what programs/software do you use?

I mostly use my PSPX2, although I do have PSPX8, but I can't get used to it. I do use Photoshop to make masks and brushes too but not very often. I draw with Adobe Illustrator, but also just like once a week.


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Logo Heartstrings Scrap Art

Our Featured Designer for January is Bryony from HeartStrings scap art, and I'm so very pleased to feature her fabulous designs!

Bryony was originally a template designer, and what magnficent templates she has in her stores; but in addition to templates she soon branched out into designing beautiful kits, and arty bits of stuff etc. as well.

Look in the forum HERE for the February Featured Designer Challenge.   Bryony has donated a wonderful template for our members to work with.   THANK YOU Bryony!


Links for Bryony are:  Studio Store ........ Facebook .......... Newsletter Signup


 bio Heartstrings Scrap Art



Where have you lived?

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and lived there until seven years ago. We moved out of the city in 2011 and now live in the winelands an hour from Cape Town. It was a big adjustment for me but now I love it out here :) When I was 7 we lived in Australia for a year and when I was 12 we lived in the US for a year (Friday Harbor, Washington to be exact... idyllic!) 

Where do you live now?

Worcester, South Africa... just north of Cape Town. 

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ditaB logo

I am thrilled to welcome DitaB Designs as our featured designer for December.  Dita's beautiful designs can be found HERE at one of my favourite stores, PickleBerryPop.   She has a wonderful sense of colour and her designs are just oozing with lots of beautiful colourful flowers and elements and her kits are usually offered with great separate options for quick pages, word art, overlays, photomasks etc.   

Dita also has a fabulous range of CU products too and these can be found HERE.

Look in the forum HERE for the December Featured Designer Challenge.  Dita has very generously donated a beautiful Christmas mini kit to work with and also a coupon to her store.  THANK YOU Dita.


Links for DitaB Designs are:   STORE ........ FACEBOOK ........BLOG ........ NEWSLETTER SIGN UP

Dita S


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What a treat we have to start off the new year!  Our featured designer is Dawn Inskip.

Dawn has a very special and unique style with lots of artsy goodies as well as the slightly more traditional.  I've always admired her work, especially her watercolour elements and papers.   She has a huge store at THE LILYPAD.  There is so much to pick from.  As well as bundles and kits there is a fabulous selection of overlays, brushes, stamps, doodles, stitches, etc. etc.

Look in the forum HERE for the January Featured Designer Challenge.  Dawn has donated a beautiful  mini kit to work with which I know you are all going to love!  THANK YOU Dawn!


Links for Dawn are:  STORE . . . . . WEBSITE . . . . .  FACEBOOK . . . . . NEWSLETTER . . . . . PINTEREST




Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m wife to very patent hubby Paul and Mum to daughter Carly and I have 2 angel babies. We live in a small town in England (an inch or so North of London on a map) my whole. Nothing much happens here, but we are surrounded by beautiful countryside. Carly is a Falconer, living her dream working with Birds of Prey and raising baby birds (owls mostly) at home – they all feature heavily in my layouts.

I work full time as a Digital Designer and sell exclusively at my dream store, The Lilypad.

What is an average day for you?

Some days it seems I work 24/7 – some days I do LOL  I do try to balance life/work, if I take days off, I just play catch-up – anything that works is good by me. I like to have new product for my store each week.

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GandT logo

I am beyond excited to welcome Gracie and Tracy (G & T Designs) as our November featured designers.  You can find their beautiful and unique designs exclusively at E-scape and Scrap.  They are widely recognised for the quality and beauty of their designs and have been published in the well respected magazines, The Somerset Digital Studio and Artful Blogging.

Look in our forum HERE for the featured designer challenge.  The girls have donated a beautiful mini kit for our Just Art members to work with and also a generous coupon to their store.  THANK YOU Tracy and Gracie.


Links for G & T Designs are:  STORE .......... FACEBOOK .......... BLOG .......... PINTEREST

Gracie Tracy400



Hello, we are Gracie and Tracy aka G & T Designs. We were both born in Liverpool UK. Tracy has always lived in the area. I moved away when was 4 years old and moved back 5 years ago. We met online on a scrapbooking site (Daisytrail) and became good friends. Tracy was in Liverpool with her partner Cliff and I lived in Shropshire with my son Alex.

We spoke most days via messenger and both really wanted to start designing our own kits. We both love art, photography and of course creating!! Tracy loves to draw and paint and create mixed media projects. I love to draw and make cards. We had lots to research, learn and understand about starting and creating a kit from scratch, especially the technical side of designing. We used and still use Serif Craft Artist Professional and Photoshop CS extended software.

After a good deal of blood sweat and tears we went on to create a free kit to see how it would be received and to our delight people loved it. We released our first commercial kit in 2011. It was called The Magpies Memories (which we have recently updated and re-released to allow our newer customers to have access to it, and because we have a special soft spot for our first kit). It was very successful!! We were thrilled and excited to create again and so it has continued……..

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