Tutorial by Vivi (nemla)


Using the photo tab to add kits in CraftArtist   (rather than via the add digi kit tab).

It is easy to use normal commercially bought Digi Kits rather than the specifically made for Craft Artist  pack files. Quite simply import each item as a photo instead. Papers, embellishments, masks

It does not matter, as long as it is jpeg or png.


 When you click on add in the photo tab, your computer files opens, if your kits are stored on an external drive, open it in the normal way and in both cases scroll until you find the file you want .

You then just click on the image you want, just as you would for a photo.


You can open many things in one go, it does not have to be done singly. Simply open your file and for each image you want to add hold down your control / command key while clicking on the item, to select them and when you are ready click open, and they will all be in your photo tab ready to use.


You are now ready to go…

One thing you might want to do is to select the paper you want to use for your background  You can change this any time, but whatever paper is selected will not move as you are working, so it makes kind of sense.

Choose your paper from the photo tab, add it to the work space, then open the background tab and drag the paper side ways into it.  You can have as many papers as you like in there.



At any time you can change the background simply by dragging another paper from the backgrounds tap into your workspace. Make sure after wards that layer 1 is automatically selected, othervise you can do it manually by clicking on it.


When your page is ready and you have exported it and saved it and you want to close the programme, because you have added papers to the backgrounds tap, it will ask you if you want to save the changes to the digi kit you click no. If you click yes it will take you to the digi kit creator… if that happens just use the x or control / command. It will the ask save changes to craft project, say yes .

That way it saves it as the latest version of a craft artist file. And you can work on it later should you want to. If you wanted to save as Jpeg only, press export when the program is open and go through the options.



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